Programme Overview

Exploring Spelling from The Educational Company of Ireland

Exploring Spelling is a unique, comprehensive and practical scheme written by experienced teachers.

Available from first to sixth class, the Exploring Spelling package for each level includes:

  • A Pupils' Book
  • Teacher's Resource Book
  • Interactive Spelling Tests

  • Based on the most up-to-date research, Exploring Spelling approaches the teaching of spelling in a holistic, child-centered way
  • Includes a wealth of resources, information and guidelines to enable teachers to develop and improve each pupil's spelling and word knowledge skills
  • Engages children in guided self-discovery about how the English language works, encouraging them to think about words and not just learn them by rote
  • Units in Exploring Spelling are based on the writing genres and include key words and activities that link in with what is currently being taught in the Irish classroom in relation to writing
  • The scheme addresses the four types of spelling knowledge: Phonological Knowledge, Visual Knowledge, Morphemic Knowledge and Etymological Knowledge
  • Contains definitive links between the four main parts of language learning as outlined in the Primary Curriculum: spelling, reading, writing and oral language
  • A multi-dimensional approach that ensures that children become confident and competent spellers